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Mindful living vs numb autopilot - powerful technique

How often do you catch yourself going about your day without even remembering what you did half an hour ago? Not even mentioning what sounds you heard, what details you noticed in your surrounding. Unless it's something too much out of our average range of perception (sudden loud sound, cold temperature in the room, itchy body part).

We tend to spend too much time on autopilot in our head letting life pass by. As a result, we find our life not interesting since we are absent from it most of the time.

Going to new places or doing new things, high speed, sport, being in nature are some of the things that help us be present with what is happening right now.

No wonder we are obsessed with some of those because in such moments we are experiencing life, we are awake and present.

You might be surprised, but there's a way to enjoy your life not only in those special moments but your everyday normal life as well, from washing the dishes to commuting.

Your journey to a mindful life

If you want to stop sleepwalking, start with this simple yet powerful technique that will rewire your brain and take you to a more self-aware level. It'll also allow you to have more control over your life and emotions.

Set a reminder for a few times a day when you will spend ⏰ 1-2 minutes paying attention to:

  • your breathing ( watch 3-5 breaths)

  • where you are (look around, notice things, details people)

  • your sensory experiences (sounds, smells, touch something and notice how it feels)

  • your inner state (how you feel, why can it be so)

  • feel your body, check if there's any tension and try to release it

This technique doesn't take more than 10 mins of your day in total, but the results will benefit you a lot.

You will start feeling more in control of your life, more relaxed and joyful, you will have better connection with yourself.

P. S. With time you won't need reminders to get back to the present moment and this is when the transformation starts. Try it now! Please book a free Breakthrough Session with me if you want to find out more about mindful living and get some personalized advice.



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