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Your comfort zone is your discomfort zone

“Make an attempt to know yourself outside of your comfort zone. You'll see how amazing you are.” - Mahrukh
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Being in your comfort zone is like staying in your neighbourhood. It’s safe, predictable, and familiar, but boring and uneventful. Fear of the unknown is the only thing that restricts you to this area.

How many times have you wished you could do something or say something, but you stopped yourself?

How many times have you missed opportunities because you thought you don’t have what it takes to grab it?

This is usually where your comfort zone ends.

Comfort zone = familiarity

Most of the time, we do what makes us feel comfortable, not necessarily happy or fulfilled. It’s like muscles; it feels good to be relaxed, but after relaxing for too long, your health deteriorates and your muscles weaken.

Feeling discomfort about new things doesn’t mean they will harm you.

To step outside your comfort zone means to do something new. Since our brain is primed to choose a path of least resistance, we instinctively avoid challenging experiences. On the other hand, it’s natural for humans to strive and be constantly evolving.

But you can’t do both: stay in your comfort zone and grow, can you?

If you aren’t stretching yourself and learning new things, you fall behind and let your life pass by.

On top of that, your mental health isn’t at its best if you aren’t expanding your mindset.

How to grow more excited about stepping outside your comfort zone.

# Eliminate the worst-case scenario fear

First, you’ll want to stop focusing on worst-case scenarios only. Think about why you want to do something new and what it can give you.

I had a conversation with one of my clients recently about fear of change. She’s about to change the country, start her own business, and move in with her boyfriend. She fears not being able to predict things. But she had another realisation: “I actually love when something isn’t going right. It’s like an adventure! It challenges me to come up with some solutions and be creative.” Her fear suddenly dissolved because she realised that if things don’t go as planned, it will still be an enjoyable experience.

# Make it more familiar

Researching the new experience you want to explore will prepare you better. Reading or watching videos about other people’s experiences can help as well.

#Get some support

You can ask your friend or partner to support you on this journey. You can also get a professional, for example, a life coach, to help you let go of your fears and doubts and pinpoint exactly what you want to do.

# Baby steps first

Expand your comfort zone with baby steps to teach your brain and body slowly.

The same analogy works for splits, for example. You can’t perform a split on the first go. It takes some warming up and stretching more and more each day until you finally achieve it.

The same works for expanding your comfort zone. Do a bit more than what feels comfortable in different situations daily. Here are some examples:

✨Speak up when you’d prefer to stay quiet.

✨Wear that T-shirt you like but makes you afraid of what others will say.

✨Show others the talent you have but have been hiding.

✨Grab the opportunity you are excited yet scared about.

In a few weeks, you will feel more freedom, and your life will start changing its course towards something you couldn’t imagine was possible before.

I invite you to book a free Power Call with me if you aren’t sure where to start on your journey to becoming the limitless version of you.



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