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Hi! I'm Vasilisa!


Emotional Intelligence and

High Performance Coach

Are you feeling stuck or lacking clarity in your life? 


Do you feel you have potential but not sure how to find a way to realise it? 


Are you controlled by your emotions and opinions of others? Do you feel they’re holding you back from doing what you really want? 


Maybe you’re unmotivated and often live on autopilot?


If you feel there should be more to life than what you are experiencing at the moment, I have great news for you!


You are already on your path to transformation. 


How do I know? 


Both I and all of my clients have started from this simple realisation. 

It is the beginning of your life-changing journey. My journey began around 10 years ago. It’s been 10 years of active search, self-discovery, taking risks, learning and peeling off layers of the old self. 


I genuinely love coaching. I’m a certified Emotional Intelligence & High Performance Coach and Cognitive Behavioral Therapist. Using my natural passion, compassion, and ability to motivate others I drive growth, joy, and purpose in my clients. 


I’m here to guide you towards your real, new version of you. Together we can speed up the process.


You might have been reading empowering books, listened to inspiring podcasts, or watched motivational videos on Youtube. Despite that, you still keep noticing that although you would like to let go of what’s not serving you, you still stick to the previous route. 


Why is it so? How can you get where you want to be? 


I will show you how to build a new route. 


By changing your mind you will be changing your life. Emotional Intelligence is a skill that can be learned by anyone. I will provide you with tools and techniques. Equipped with this knowledge, you will start making the right decisions, not driven by fear or necessity, but by enthusiasm and inspiration. 


This will put you ahead of the game, improve your relationships with others and yourself. You will give up your limitations and focus on growing your powers and building the life you dream about.  


You are the only person who is 100% in charge of your well-being and happiness. It’s time to reclaim the control.


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