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Do you choose Lack or Abundance?

How to understand whether you live guided by a state of lack or abundance?

If you make choices in life, obtain things and set up goals with the "lack" mindset you are likely to experience the below mentioned:

1. You focus on what you don't have or on who you aren't and think that once you've reached the desired you'll be fulfilled and happy

2. Upon achieving goals or obtaining something you aren't satisfied and keep searching for what it is that can finally bring you contentment

3. You feel as if you can't find your purpose in life

4. Happiness that you experience is rare and short-lived

Here's how you experience life from a state of "abundance":

1. You are enough as you are and whatever goals you set up you do it out of enthusiasm

2. You feel and express gratitude for what you already have

3. You aren't disappointed if you can't achieve something - you take it as an opportunity to learn

4. Happiness and positive energy is your primary state

If you choose to have abundance in your life - start living with the mindset of abundance.



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