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5 Simple Steps to Happiness and Power of Choice

Whatever we feel at any given moment, be it happiness, calmness, joy or anger - this is 100% of the time our choice.

Treat it as good news because it means that it's in your power to change any state you are in. The only thing that can get in your way is the desire to stick with the old pattern and fear to try something new.

You can negotiate with yourself and treat it as a game in order to open up to the experience of rewiring your brain.

Are you ready to try the magic of your mindful self in action?

Uncover destructive thoughts and replace them with empowering ones:

Step 1

Choose an emotional response that you would like to change, the one that affects your motivation and neither brings you closer to your goal nor does it prove to be helpful in relationships with other people. I recommend starting with some lighter situations since they are the easiest to begin your transformation practice with.

Step 2

Set up an intention to notice the emotion when it arises (for example, your colleague at work didn't say "hello" and you took it as an offence or somebody stepped on your shiny shoe on a packed bus and you got irritated)

Step 3

Feel the emotion and identify the thoughts connected with it. Start with feeling it in your body, labelling it and asking yourself: "Why am I feeling this way?".

Step 4

Challenge your emotion and thoughts:

Was it really the person's intention to step on my foot? Did my colleague ignore me on purpose? How do I benefit from feeling this way? What will it change? How would I like to feel instead? etc.

Step 5

Watch how your thoughts and emotions are changing, how calmer, more balanced and more positive you become.

Each situation is initially neutral. This is us who gives them interpretations, so just don't forget that you choose what it will be next time.

P.S. Join me on a free Breakthrough Session if you want to find out more about developing a positive outlook and get some personalized advice.



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